Thugger is one of the most interesting up and coming artists.  His incredibly odd singing voice and great rapping skill (which some have criticized as mumbling) make him somewhat of a special occurrence in hip-hop.  He has continued to push the boundaries of the genre.

While he has been on the hip-hop scene for quite a while, 2016 was a year that demonstrated that he was really maturing.  Last year he released three new projects, I’m UpSlime Season 3, and Jeffery.

Jeffery was definitely the crowning point of his year, as it was his most complete and consistent work.  Even though the art and track names were a little bit of an attention grab (he named the tracks after his idols including “Harambe” the gorilla…RIP) the music on this album outshines a lot of his past work.  Although I only put one song from Jeffery on the sampler, I highly recommend listening to the whole thing.

I’m definitely looking forward to what Young Thug comes up with next, but for now here’s a playlist of some of what he’s got out now.




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