Disclaimer: This is a playlist about Grimes, not Grime.

In 2015, pop (not sure if it’s the write genre but that’s what we’re going with for this, okay?) artist Grimes released her biggest album to date Art Angels.

Despite weird cover art, the album was pretty good.  I’m not too familiar with Grimes’ body of work before Visions (2012) (okay, I am fallible, I have my faults).  However, she’s definitely one of the more interesting artists out there based on what I’ve heard of her.  Her etherial sound is very distinctive and compelling, and I definitely can recommend Art Angels and Visions from her.

Anyway, here is a playlist of some of my favs of hers.  (Damn, how many of’s can you use in a sentence?)


Image from: Spin.com


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