Major Lazer is a pretty popular artist nowadays, so I figured why not make a sampler for him.  He seems nice.  He also has some upcoming things coming out, so that will be alright won’t it?  At this point, I realize Major Lazer is not in fact a Jamaican army major, who makes music on the side… he is three people… so I will start using “them” for the trio, instead of “he.”

Anyway, I figure most people just know the Major from their hit album Peace is the Mission.  But, believe it or not, they actually existed before that!  So, some background on them… Major Lazer consists of Diplo, an American DJ; Jillionaire, a Trinidadian DJ; and Walshy Fire, who is Jamaican.  The group currently has three albums out with a fourth, Music is Weapon, expected to be released this year.  As I said, they make electronic music with reggae infused.  So, yeah, that’s pretty much it.


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