Sorry for the intermittent posting, but we should be getting back on schedule this week.

Anyway, keeping up with the emotional theme of this/last week, here’s another playlist.  This one is about Kanye’s relationship with his family.  Whether it be his connection with his mom, Donda West, or being a new father, West explores the theme in touching and, in some-cases, emotionally heavy ways.  While he has more songs about his family, this playlist breaks his family life down well.  In the first half, Ye raps about his extended family at the beginning of his career and now.  In the second half, he raps and sings about Donda and his daughter North.  The middle song is just a really beautiful song produced by RZA, but its also an oddball, as Kanye raps about family that he doesn’t have.

Other notable songs that didn’t quite make the playlist are:

Champion on Graduation, which talks about his father.

Good Night on Graduation, which deals with losing his grandparents.

Coldest Winter on 808s & Heartbreak, which along with much of the rest of the album is about the loss of his mom.

Bound 2 on Yeezus, which is about his wife, Kim Kardashian-West.

Also, I highly recommend checking out the Kanye’s performance at the 2008 Grammy’s of “Hey Mama” after the loss of Donda, as well as the music video for “Only One.”  They are guaranteed to make you cry, call your mom, or both.


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