Welcome to YCFTO, a blog built around daily 5-song playlists.  I created this blog to help share new and interesting music with the world.  Although I have a bias towards hip-hop, I try my best to keep a mix of various genres in the line up.  My favorite artist of all time has to be Kanye West aka Yeezus.

Joining me is my main man, Sebass.

Although the majority of the blog is playlists, we also post art, album reviews, music projects,  and stories.

A little guidance for the site:

  • The Homepage displays the recent posts
    • Each post is tagged with a genre.  You can filter to posts with a certain tag (i.e. hip-hop) by clicking on the tag you want on the side panel.
  • We’re still working on the other pages.

I hope you enjoy… You Crazy For This One

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