Major Lazer Sampler

Major Lazer is a pretty popular artist nowadays, so I figured why not make a sampler for him.  He seems nice.  He also has some upcoming things coming out, so that will be alright won't it?  At this point, I realize Major Lazer is not in fact a Jamaican army major, who makes music on … Continue reading Major Lazer Sampler


Thundercat Sampler

Hey, all so this is going to be a quick post but a good one. Thundercat is a bass guitarist, who recently rereleased his 3rd album, Drunk.  As for musical style you're just going to have to figure it out... jk it's kind of a funk and R&B fusion that is very unique and very very … Continue reading Thundercat Sampler

Daft Punk Sampler

Like many of you, I also watched the Grammys and was outraged that Daft Punk has been snubbed for the past three years. Yes, A Tribe Called Quest was great, as was Chance and Adele, but Daft Punk did not get enough love, other than their performance. In honor of the French electronic duo, I … Continue reading Daft Punk Sampler