Muse Sampler

I gotta tell you, my man, this band has chops! How many other groups do you know have solid 80s dancetronic and metal influences? I mean, other than Slipknot. Seriously though, Muse definitely knows what they are doing by now. They have been around for 23 years now, but the aren't letting up now. Very … Continue reading Muse Sampler


GoldLink Sampler

So we're both from the DMV, so hearing the district (and Maryland) being shouted out in songs is pretty special.  Even though there are a few mainstream D.C. artists, you don't get all that many.  That's why I get hyped listening to GoldLink.  The man constantly reps D.C. and hearing that in song is just … Continue reading GoldLink Sampler

Don’t Stop or We’ll Die Sampler

Today, we have a real treat for you coming from band that didn't last long enough. Don't Stop or We'll Die was a band made up of bassist and lead singer Paul Rust, keyboardist Michael Cassidy and drummer Harris Wittels who died two years this February. Even though they ended on such a dower note, … Continue reading Don’t Stop or We’ll Die Sampler

Kendrick Lamar S(a)mpler

Jk... it's the 1st of April, so you should be expecting to get fooled. Instead of a Kdot sampler we have something very special for you guys today.  You know Steve Martin?  Yeah that comedian guy that was in all of those classic comedies as well as the weird Pink Panther reboot.  Well, he actually makes music … Continue reading Kendrick Lamar S(a)mpler

Bad Brains Sampler

If any of you readers have ever been at all interested in hardcore punk, then most likely you have heard of this band. What I didn't know was that this band from DC that I didn't know about in all my years living there and that they essentially created not only the DC hardcore scene … Continue reading Bad Brains Sampler

Kid Cudi Sampler

To complete my writing on emotional rap, today I've got a Kid Cudi playlist for you. For those unfamiliar, a lot of Kid Cudi's stuff deals with feelings of depression and isolation.  His first album Man on the Moon is a groundbreaking classic.  Unfortunately, since then, he has been unable to match that standard. But I … Continue reading Kid Cudi Sampler

The Smiths Sampler

You either love them or hate them, but it's undeniable the impact of the Smiths on popular music. I mean, if you start indie rock, people are not going to be super happy, especially those people who enjoy the type of heavy, distorted sound of 80s hair metal that usually features a lead singer who … Continue reading The Smiths Sampler